Clinician & Clinical Services & Community Relations Coordinator, Kinship House

Melissa received a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Master's degree in Social Work from Portland State University in 1989. She has been a licensed clinical social worker since 1992. From 1985 to 1988, she worked in a residential treatment program for adolescent girls and boys. Upon completing the Master's program at PSU, she was employed at a community mental health clinic providing crisis emergency services and brief therapy to adults and children. In 1992, she transferred to a team that provided therapy to children and families in a variety of home settings. Some children resided with their birth families and others lived in foster and adoptive homes.

In 1995, she became a founding board member and later a clinician for Kinship House. Her current clinical specialties include providing adoption transitions, sibling assessments and treating the prenatally exposed child. Melissa, herself, was adopted as a young child and is an adoptive parent.