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Sponsored by the Oregon Infant Mental Health Association
Friday, November 3, 2017

Welcome ORIMHA!
ORPARC & ORIMHA are delighted to be partnering together via the ORPARC library, trainings & more.
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Foster & Adoptive Parent
and Caseworker Survey
Sponsored by Dr. Redmond Reams

TBRI® Parent Trainings
Sponsored by Holt International

Eugene, OR ~ 9:00am-2:30pm

09/23 - 10/14 - 11/11 - 12/02

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
Online Parent Training Program
Sponsored by Virginia Tech

All Children--All Families
Webinar Series

A free webinar series from
the Human Rights Campaign
Five webinars: 06/15/2017-11/16/2017

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ORPARC distributes a seasonal newsletter, in English and Spanish, with topical articles and information on new library materials and upcoming ORPARC and community partner trainings and events.  A more detailed version of the newsletter is available online as well as past issues.

If you would like to receive our newsletters via e-mail, please call us or email:  orparc@nwresource.org with your name, address and email address.  Receiving the newsletter via email helps us curb our printing and mailing costs so that we can serve families better in other ways.

Boletín trimestral de ORPARC
El Centro de Recursos Pos-adoptivos de Oregon ("ORPARC" por sus siglas en inglés) produce un boletín trimestral en inglés y español. Visite nuestra página web donde pueden ver y bajar todos los boletines de ORPARC. Cada boletín provee información sobre los entrenamientos en español que se realizan en diferentes regiones del estado además de avisar sobre los grupos de apoyo y anuncios especiales de apoyo para las familias de crianza.
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